7 Benefits of Using The Rivera Group to Sell Your Home

The Rivera Group supports clients throughout the process to sell your home with our vast industry knowledge, top service and dedication to the local Delaware market. In fact, over 80% of our closings in 2019 came from past clients. We have a reputation for excellence, including a proven track record for selling homes.


1 – Knowledge of the Local Market

We have a passion for understanding our local market and the current real estate data impacting our market. We make it our business to stay on top of news, reports and market trends in Delaware and specifically the Dover area. 

What does that mean for you?

You will be prepared with knowledge to stay ahead of the market curve and maximize your home’s value when you are ready to list your home. Our Listing Specialist will review the current state of the local market with you during your listing consultation appointment and explain detailed options that are best suited for YOU.  


2 – Stage with Existing Furniture

The Rivera Group has sold hundreds of homes. We know firsthand which staging choices work to maximize the buyer’s perception of your home. When we begin the staging process, we go room by room to offer suggestions for furniture and decorative placement. We work with what you already have in your home and add The Rivera Group touch to produce effective results.

What does that mean for you?

We believe staging doesn’t have to cost sellers thousands of dollars. Instead, we take the time to review the items you have and position them in the best way to showcase your home.


3 – Professional Photos Attract Buyers

A picture is worth a thousand words! Our owner has a photography and marketing background. We know first impressions are everything as most home buyers start their search online. To attract buyers, your home must stand out from the crowd.

What does that mean for you?

We professionally photograph every property we list no matter the size or condition. Each home receives customized photography to capture your home in the way that best suits the design and layout.


4 – Buyer Targeted Marketing

Our team has a strategic and successful marketing plan that we have developed and perfected over the years. We put a spin on tried and true marketing strategies to ensure we stay ahead of the industry trends. This allows us to know the right marketing channels to reach buyers.

What does that mean for you?

We have a deep understanding of both old school and new school marketing tactics and how that relates to the buyer experience. Our ability to understand and effectively mix these marketing tools sets The Rivera Group, and your home, apart.


5 – Top Negotiating Techniques

Our owner, Kimberly Rivera, believes in the importance of knowledgeable negotiations. She has invested in training throughout the United States to learn top negotiating techniques. She tailors this knowledge to the local market and shares this knowledge with each member of The Rivera Group.

 What does that mean for you?

We put our clients first. We use our negotiating skills to represent and protect our client’s goals and interests. Our top priority is to give you the best possible outcome during the sale of your home, and we are dedicated to upholding that standard.


6 – Effective Inspection Solutions

We have a deep knowledge of the inspection process. In fact, our understanding goes beyond just what’s on the inspector’s report. We offer suggestions to our sellers to help achieve the results the buyers want without costing thousands of dollars.

 What does that mean for you?

Our clients have excellent experiences and successes with our preferred vendors. These are home service providers we’ve worked with for years and trust! Our vendors often offer better pricing and faster service to our clients compared to other local service providers.


7 – Leverage a Team of Experts

The Rivera Groups has our clients’ backs! We work as a team to help bring each client the best experience when selling your home. When you work with one of our agents, you get the power of our whole team on your side.

What does that mean for you?

We have a full-time Transaction Coordinator to ensure you get a response even if your specific agent is unavailable. We strive to develop relationships with our clients because they truly matter to us! The closing table does not mean “goodbye” for us, it is only the beginning. We work hard to earn the right to be your choice real estate team for life. 


Sell Your Home with The Rivera Group

We follow standard systems and models. This means that no matter which team member you work with, you can expect the same level of service. Our goal is always to provide the best client experience, what does that mean for you? Actions speak louder than words, let us show you.   


Contact The Rivera Group today to schedule a consultation to sell your home.