Buying a Home

Eight Steps to Buying Your Home

Decide to buy. Although there are many good reasons for you to buy a home, wealth building ranks among the top of the list. We call home ownership the best…

Buying a Home

How Can a Real Estate Agent Help Me?

Seven main roles of your real estate agent A Buyer’s Real Estate Agent: Educates you about your market. Analyzes your wants and needs. Guides you to homes that fit your…

Selling a Home

6 Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Value

As real estate professionals, here at the Rivera Group of Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware, we understand that maximizing your home’s value is important whether you’re selling or not. When…

Buying a Home

Creating Your Home Wishlist

Before the home search begins, your real estate agent will want to know as much as possible about the features and amenities you desire. To help your agent better serve…

Buying a Home

Deciding How Much House You Can Afford

Your lender decides what you can borrow but you decide what you can afford. Lenders are careful, but they make qualification decisions based on averages and formulas. They won’t understand…

Selling a Home

Eight Steps to Selling Your Home

Define Your Needs. Write down all the reasons for selling your home. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to sell and what do I expect to accomplish with the sale?”…

Selling a Home

Practicing Good Seller’s Etiquette

Let’s Face It When your house goes on the market, you’re not only opening the door to prospective buyers but also sometimes to unknown vendors and naive or unqualified buyers….

Buying a Home Selling a Home

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Match Your Style

Like in other industries, real estate professionals specialize in specific types of properties, and some agents have a few types of properties they primarily help clients buy or sell. Different…

Selling a Home

How to Price to Sell and Still Make a Profit

The asking price you set for your home significantly affects whether you will profit in the sale, how much you will profit and how long your home will sit on…

Selling a Home

How Can a Real Estate Agent Help Me Sell My Home?

10 Questions to Ask Your Realtor about Selling a House 1. Are you a full-time professional real estate agent? How long have you worked full time in real estate? How…