Enhance Natural Light for Improved Seasonal Interior Lighting

As winter approaches and Daylight Savings Time ends, the days become shorter and our homes receive less natural light. Look for ways to improve natural light during the daylight hours to enhance your mood and save on energy costs.

Natural light offers many benefits for homeowners. More natural lights make a home feel larger and more inviting. Also, elements used to create natural light also enhance darker rooms and add appeal to your home.

Select Light Paint Colors
One interior design trick is to use lighter paint colors in smaller spaces or rooms with fewer windows. The lighter paint colors, like whites, pastels and light greys and blues, create the illusion of more space. When combined with lighter furniture and décor, small spaces will feel brighter and bigger.

Use Mirrors Effectively
Mirrors are an excellent tool to add light to a space. The reflective quality of mirrors distributes light throughout a room. Not only do mirrors enhance natural light, but they reflect internal lighting during dark times of day.

Upgrade to LED Bulbs
When it is dark for more hours, natural light is not always an option. However, you can work to reduce your energy costs with smart changes. Invest in LED bulbs which last longer and use less energy than incandescent bulbs. LEDs are now available in many different options for both interior and exterior use.

Change Window Treatments
Heavy and dark window treatments block light and darken a room. Instead, select lightweight fabrics that allow light to pass through. Sheer fabrics provide the design appeal of window treatments without the added darkness. Also, lighter colored window treatments work like light colored paint to create the illusion of more space.

Use Plants
For windowless interior rooms, incorporate plants into your décor. Houseplants and trees make a room feel fresh and natural. For small spaces, plants also add brightness. Plants are a great design tool for any room but work especially well for small or dark spaces.

And if you are building considering making these changes:

Replace Solid Doors
Both interior and exterior doors are available with windows. Replace solid exterior doors with full or partial length glass. Use frosted glass for interior doors to add style and more light filtered through. Frosted glass doors are perfect for pantries and home offices.

Install Larger Windows
Larger windows allow in more light from the outside. Also, larger windows make a room feel taller. Especially with traditional floor plans where windows may be fewer and smaller, additional windows and larger windows add a modern feel, as well as more natural light.

If your budget is larger, skylights are an excellent tool to allow more natural light inside. Skylights are a great option for hallways and stairways where the light will continue to filter throughout the home.

Go Natural
Enhance your home’s design and appeal with smart design tools that add natural light. From simple solutions like brighter curtains to home renovation projects like bigger windows, options are available to create more light in your home. Look for ways to add natural light to your space to improve your mood, save on monthly energy cost and make your home feel more inviting.