How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Match Your Style

Like in other industries, real estate professionals specialize in specific types of properties, and some agents have a few types of properties they primarily help clients buy or sell. Different real estate agents may target different market segments to attract clients.

Different types of properties or market segments may include commercial real estate, luxury homes, rural areas, undeveloped land, vacation homes, urban centers and more. In order to find the best real estate agent for you, look for agents that have knowledge of the type of property you are seeking to buy or sell.

Establish Your Budget
The first thing you should do before you look for a real estate agent is to determine your budget. Are you shopping for a luxury home in a desirable area, or are you looking for a deal in a less popular area? When you understand your budget, then you can find a real estate agent that understands the type of property you’re looking to buy.

Also, newer agents may have lower commission levels in order to attract clients and build their reputation. This could be great if you’re selling a lower priced starter home. However, if you’re selling a luxury estate, a newer agent may not be a good idea to ensure your needs are met. Understand the price of the investment you’re making in order to find the best agent for your needs.

Determine Your Location and Property Type
The next step is to determine your location. Most real estate agents are local, which means they cover a specific area or region. For example, the Rivera Group of Keller Williams helps clients buy and sell homes in Dover, Delaware and the surrounding areas. We have the knowledge and experience to help clients locate properties in this area.

Also, agents may specialize in specific property types within the same location. For example, an agent may work with clients looking for commercial, investment or residential properties. You want to find an agent that matches the location and property type you want.

Understand Your Needs and Wants
In order to narrow down your property search, you must understand your needs for the property. Even if you know your budget and location, the specific requirements for the property you’re seeking may be the thing that most influences your buying decision.

For example, if you’re a family with six children your needs will likely be different than a single retiree, even if your budget and desired location are the same. Also, your wants are important. You may want a property near good schools or a home with a swimming pool. An experienced agent will be able to help locate the properties that match both your wants and needs.

Research Qualified Agents
Once you’ve narrowed down the where what and how much for your property, then you need to do the work to find a qualified agent. The difference in an experienced agent and an inexperienced agent can be vast. And, working with an unqualified agent can cost you a lot of money.

An experienced agent will be better equipped to help with your real estate transaction from start to finish. Plus, experienced agents have a solid network of professionals available to help with the buying or selling process. This can include home inspectors, attorneys, home service technicians and more. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Also, search the internet and read online reviews in order to find agents.

Interview Agents
Once you have a list of qualified real estate agents in your area, take the time to interview at least three agents. In order to have a positive experience, you want to work with someone you like. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, you will spend time with your agent and will rely on them to protect your interests. Select an agent you like and trust.

A positive relationship will go a long way in making your real estate experience positive. Also, once you’ve done the work to find an agent you like and trust, you can use them in the future for your real estate needs. Doing to the work to find the right agent can be the key to not only a solid current real estate experience but a long-term relationship.

Start Your Search Today
Find the right match for your style. Personality is only one element for identifying a good match when looking for a real estate agent. You also want someone who has the knowledge and experience to create positive results.