How to Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party While Selling Your Home

Just because your house is on the market doesn’t mean you must skip hosting the perfect Super Bowl party. In fact, a Super Bowl party is a great chance to show off your house. Word of mouth is an effective tool for selling your home, and a party allows your friends and family to see and experience your home in action.


Keep it Clean
A clean home is essential for showings. This means your home needs to sparkle before guests arrive. Use this opportunity to enhance the best features of your home. While a party leads to a mess, you still want to start clean.

Especially focus on the kitchen and guest bathroom. These are the areas that stand out for buyers. Your guests will notice cluttered or dirty spaces. Schedule time into your party prep to do a quick clean. Also, clean after the party. You don’t want to say no to showings over the next few days simply because your home is a wreck after the party.


Invite the Neighbors
There’s some current debate about the effectiveness of open houses. While The Rivera Group still recommends open houses, some clients prefer not to host an open house. If you didn’t, a Super Bowl party is a great time to invite in the neighbors.

Your neighbors might know the perfect person to buy your home. This is also a great time to say goodbye to your home and neighborhood. You can use an app like Nextdoor or go old school and post flyers to inform the neighbors about the celebration.


Keep the Food Simple
It is not the time to serve chicken wings covered in buffalo sauce on your freshly cleaned carpet. It’s a Super Bowl party which means people will eat in front of the screen. Serve food that won’t make a huge mess. Consider deli sandwiches over wings. Or, opt for cookies instead of frosted cupcakes. These little changes can save you a lot of clean up later.

Also, this may not be the best event to ask guests to bring food to share. This removes your control over what’s served. Instead, ask guests to bring the beverage of their choice. Or, tell them to simply bring themselves.


Ask Guests to Remove Their Shoes
Most houseguests will happily remove their shoes when asked. Place a sign near the door to politely ask the guest to remove their shoes. This helps keep your floors clean. This is especially important if the weather is bad.

If you have guests that don’t want to remove their shoes, don’t sweat it. Put a sturdy mat by the door for guests to wipe their feet before they enter. Plan to clean the floors after the party to remove dirt or stains.


Keep the Party Contained
Set up boundaries inside your home to contain the party. For example, keep the upstairs, office and bedrooms off-limits. Simply put up a decorative barrier. This helps minimize the mess. This is a good rule for any party, but certainly, follow this advice if you are selling your home.

The kitchen, living room, dining room, and patio are great spaces for guests. Provide ample seating in these areas. Make it obvious that these rooms are for the party by putting up themed decorations.


Relax and Have Fun
Moving is stressful! The point of a party is to have fun. Don’t let the stress of keeping your home perfect keep you from enjoying the party. Your guests won’t have fun if their host is on eggshells the entire time.

Any mess is cleanable. These guidelines are just advice to make things easier. Focus on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. If your guests leave with a good feeling, they will remember your home more fondly.


Position Your Home for Success
At The Rivera Group, we help clients buy and sell homes in Dover and surrounding Delaware communities. We understand the challenge of living in a home while it’s on the market. We work with our clients to position your home in the best way possible to get you the outcome you desire.


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