Real Estate Agents Use Technology to Improve the Client Experience

It’s no secret that technology and big data interlace with all aspects of our lives. The question for us, as real estate agents, is how to use this technology to enhance the experience of buying or selling property for the benefit of our clients.

As a company partnered with the number 1 real estate company in the United States, Keller Williams, we have access to the best real estate technology available today. Keller Williams creates technical solutions and platforms that use data analytics to make real estate agents more effective in guiding clients through transactions.

We are excited about the new tools and support available through Keller Williams. Plus, Keller Williams has two major advantages. First, it’s a privately held company which means they don’t have to make a decision designed to please stockholders. Second, they have the largest sale’s force in the world. This means they have access to an abundance of data that’s useful in creating artificial intelligence (AI) technology and tools.

When you work with The Rivera Group, a Keller Williams agency, you can feel confident that you have the best technology supporting your real estate experience. Whether you’re searching for the best home to buy to meet your preferences and budget or need to know the best listing price for the home you’re selling, we have not only the experience and knowledge to get it right, but also the technology to back up that industry knowledge.


Keller Williams Technology Solutions

Keller Williams, and therefore The Rivera Group, fuse consumer preferences with agent expertise through a variety of innovative in-house tools. The goal is to keep clients informed and educated throughout the real estate transaction process.

The KW App helps clients search for homes with up-to-the-minute information, like dropped listing prices and new listings. In addition, as a client, you receive action steps and how-to guides to aid in buying or selling a property. Both work in concert to increase confidence that your real estate transaction flows smoothly with your financial benefits in mind.

Keller Williams recently rolled out new smart tools to work with local agents, like The Rivera Group. These tools include Kelle, Keller Cloud and KW Command. The benefit of customized tools like these is that our company isn’t at the mercy of third-party technology companies. We’ve tailored our technology to meet the specific needs of our agents and clients.


Agents Equipped with Top Technology

When agents have the best tools in the industry, we can serve you better. At The Rivera Group, we understand Delaware real estate. We’re connected to the local community and invest in bringing great customer service and building long-lasting client relationships.

Our goal of using technology isn’t to eliminate face-to-face client interaction. The goal is to enhance that personal client connection by using data to identify the best options and solutions for each client’s specific real estate needs.

We are especially excited about KW Command which eliminates disconnected platforms that waste time and resources. Instead, we now have a solution to track and manage each client’s experience using innovative and enhanced technology. This is a win for us and our clients.


Work with A Local Agent Backed by Innovative Technology

You need an agent that has a connection to the local area, real estate experience and current industry knowledge. However, you also need an agent that has the tools and technology to keep your real estate transaction ahead of the competition. At The Rivera Group, we offer both.

We’re backed by the innovative technology created and offered by Keller Williams. But, we also have roots in our local Delaware community. We are here to serve you in buying or selling your home or other property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.